Back Again…

So, I got to thinking, I have all of these thoughts and opinions and nowhere to really express them. Ok, currently I do live near the Rockies, so technically I could be screaming my thoughts from a tall mountain top in a matter of a 4 hour drive. But, what good would that do? I would end up with a sore throat, probably lose my voice and, let’s be honest, it’s winter and I can’t drive up a mountain in the snow! So, naturally I headed to the blog world. A world that I once had the pleasure of occupying but had since given up on. So here I am, back again like a meal before food poisoning. Although, let’s hope this experience is a little more pleasurable!


  1. Your blog is focused, in my opinion, on religion; and then on Christianity and Judaism. I would like you to study Quran, which would in a way cover the Abrahamic religions for you. Then there are other religions also.
    I will suggest following on-line website:

    Quran is not a voluminous book; it is of the size of four gospels bound together, in my estimation.
    Please don’t mind; it is just a suggestion.


    1. I am actually very interested in learning more about Islam and the Quran and plan to do so one day. For now, I am having too much fun with Christianity! Thanks for the suggestions!

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