Twitter and Facebook are erupting with a hashtag in response to the explosions that just took place near the finish line of the Boston Marathon: #PrayForBoston.

Right now, Boston does not need prayers, it needs justice. I will be solemnly thinking about all of those injured, killed and forever affected by this disgusting display of human disregard and hate. And, I will be hoping for swift justice to be upon the perpetrator(s) of this crime on innocent people.

Read the story here.


    1. Of course not! I wouldn’t deny anything to anyone that makes them happy as long as it does not negatively affect others. Denying a Christian their prayer is like denying a toddler his blankie: It’s just going to make them cry and you are going to end up giving it back to them anyways because it ultimately has more of an effect on you when they don’t have it than when they do.

  1. I was so impressed by the people who, without hesitation, ran at an explosion and plume of smoke… to help other people. They didn’t drop to their knees to see what god would do about it.

    1. I agree. It shows what is really at the heart of most people: kindness and the willingness to do anything they can to help someone in their time of need. I am sure that plenty of the people that ran to help that day believe in a god and perhaps they are praying for the people affected at this very moment. But, at least they were competent enough to know in the moment that there was nothing god could do, it was up to them and they acted instead of surrendering to god.

  2. I mentioned to someone on another blog who was rather in favour of praying and its efficacy & who waxed lyrical about those who participated. I suggested that if it was in the slightest worthwhile the FBI would have had a suspect in custody already. No doubt God was listening in etc ad nauseum.
    My comment was not well-received by one chappy for some reason.
    Rather than prayer, hand someone a shovel and a broom and ask them to ”clean this shit up!”
    Or donate a pint of blood.

    1. Exactly! I hate that people pray and suddenly feel like they have done something to help and/or contribute in any way. It’s lazy to me. Instead of praying, DO something!!

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