June 26, 2013

This day will go down in the History books as the day America FINALLY got up off of its ass and supported marriage equality for ALL.

In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court decided today that the federal Defense of Marriage act is unconstitutional and invalidated it. The Defense of Marriage act prevented those same-sex couples legally married in their state from receiving the federal benefits those in “traditional” marriages enjoyed. This landmark decision means that the federal government may no longer discriminate against same-sex couples and allows those legally married in their state to be treated just like everyone else.

I am completely ecstatic and couldn’t be more proud to be an American than I am right now.






(Photos taken by Andrew Burton / Getty Images from NBCpolitics.NBCnews.com)


  1. While I too am pleased with the decision, I’m not sure that “proud to be an American” really fits well here. I mean, we’re still pretty divided on this issue, which should be crystal clear. We are (finally?) headed in the right direction. But it still feels like we’re being pulled kicking and screaming. You know?

    1. Obviously we have a long ways to go… My pride comes in the fact that we are making the right national decisions on these types of issues, no matter how slow. The Supreme Court could have very well opted to uphold DOMA, in which case I would not be proud but ashamed. So to me, “Proud to be an American” fits perfectly here. Obviously it’s incredibly ridiculous that it is taking this long for social justice to be had and shared by all and of course I am not ignorant enough to believe that the fight is over, but the point is that it IS happening. Should it be happening faster? Absolutely. Should there be less ignorant opposition? Of course. Regardless, however, I am proud of my country for finally beginning to take the right steps.

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