California Dreamin’

Sometimes even a good life can get in the way of allowing you to do the things you want to do — like write. More specifically, like me having the time to write about the things I care about. I feel like I have a great life — I have a good job, an amazing husband, the cutest little (I use that term loosely) English Bulldog you have ever seen and I am about to move to arguably one of the most amazing cities in the world, San Diego.

Ahhhh… San Diego. Land of palm trees and beautiful beaches; A city where people would rather ride their bikes or walk as opposed to drive; A city that offers an easy-going lifestyle if you want it and, if you don’t, makes it hard to resist; A paradise where it doesn’t snow, it hardly rains and the weather never ventures far from a perfect 75 degrees farenheit. Ah, yes. I can see myself living there forever.


However, getting there is another story! This move has turned out to be a lot of work!


Ok, any move is typically a lot of work and can be incredibly stressful but on top of this move, my husband is getting out of the Army. So that means the pressure is on both of us to work really hard to find new jobs and make sure that the gap in our income won’t be overwhelmed by our ever-present expenditures. We have been lucky enough to both be given the opportunity to pursue our dream careers but, my husband’s dream job just threw a wrench into our whole plan. They just informed him that he would need to work out of Los Angeles for a while (anyone know how long a “while” is??) before the possibility of transferring down to San Diego is an option. So… that means we will be living in 2 different cities for who knows how long. Oh boy. Sounds like fun. (shoot me)

“Why don’t you just live in LA with your husband while he has to work there and then move to San Diego when he can transfer?” you might be asking me. Because I don’t want to live in LA, that’s why! The plan has always been to end up in San Diego and I am not going to let his employer dictate where/when/how I live EVER again! (yikes, I know)

Call me selfish, but anyone who has ever been married to a person in the military knows that nothing you want ever matters. And I do mean EVER. I want to plant roots, buy a house, HAVE A CAREER and you just can’t do that being married to a serviceman/woman. It’s literally impossible to have any of those things when you are constantly being asked to uproot your life and move to the next military town with no complaints and a smile on your face. So again, call me selfish, but I am sick of following my husband around like a lost sheep. I am ready to start my career and pursue my goals and aspirations. I feel like I have sacrificed a lot already, and I’m not willing to allow myself to possibly resent my husband later on for it. The good thing is, my husband is completely on board with it all. He gets it and he isn’t offended. He wants to support me as much as I want to support him but we both understand that neither of us are budging on the issue and therefore we may have to spend some time living in different cities.

While all of this is floating around in my head, my boss breaks her wrist in 2 places and BAM! I’m putting in overtime at work which has made me too exhausted to apply for jobs which stresses me out even more and AHHHHHHHH!!!!

So, needless to say, I have had a lot on my plate as of late. The problem is, I tend to deal with stress by writing and lately, by studying world religions (it’s comforting to know that when you feel crazy, there is always someone out there that is crazier than you!) and lately I just haven’t had the time to do either one. I do think my nightly glass of wine of wine is helping though…


    1. Oh, good! That means I’ll have both you and my grandmother praying for me. Not to be ungrateful or anything but I think I need a LOT more people praying for me so that god will pay attention to my measly little problems and make sure everything works out for me. You think a national ad campaign will get me some more prayers?

      1. Depends on which gawd we’re talking about. My prayers are headed toward Veles, but he’s notoriously bad at getting back to me. If he’s interested he might hide your car keys, though.

  1. I couldn’t help but smile when I read “I am not going to let his employer dictate where/when/how I love EVER again!” and then I realized that you probably meant to write “live.” Oh well. I still agree with you.

  2. “we may have to spend some time living in different cities.”


    The distance between the two cities is only a 125 kilometres as I understand; your husband could come and go daily to his job from Saint Diego to los angeles; not much of a problem, I think, if there is a highway connecting both the cities.

    Wish both of you good-luck.

    1. It is true that the distance between LA and San Diego is not that far, however, the traffic is absolutely horrendous. If you leave at the right (or more accurately wrong) time of day, it could take over 4 hours to get from one city to the other. It would not be feasible for either one of us to commute!

  3. “and lately, by studying world religions”

    This is also good.
    I think I suggested you to study Quran. Did you start it?
    It is not a big volume book; it consist of less than 80000 word in total in Arabic; if one excludes the repeated words in the text; then it is only about 2000 words in Arabic. And it is not difficult for an intelligent person like you to learn these words for study of Quran in the original language it was descended by the one True God who authored it; not authored by Muhammad.

    And translation in English is also available; for which I suggest you a link:


  4. “Dreamin’ ”

    Dreaming makes to understand belief in the Afterlife easier; you know belief in the afterlife is a pillar of the truthful faith.

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