Donating Organs to Jesus

There is a Seventh-Day Adventist church near my house on our neighborhood street corner that has a giant message board for announcements and other religious proclamations. It rarely changes and the messages are typically not worth any mention. It will announce things their Vacation Bible School dates, or advertise its food pantry giveaway (free food for the needy AFTER they attend a service and get preached at), things like that. Occasionally, it will have something hilarious on it, like the time it said that the “most honorable position is on your knees before the lord.”

I think I almost choked on my bagel on the way to work when I saw it! (I know, I shouldn’t eat while I am driving… ESPECIALLY while simultaneously reading hilarious sexual innuendos on religious property)

Either way, the other day, the Adventists decided to switch up their message to something that infuriated me probably more than it should have. It now says:

“Become an organ donor, give your heart to Jesus”

How about you become an organ donor and give your heart (or any other part of you for that matter) to SOMEONE IN NEED instead?! To be fair, I don’t believe this sign is advocating against becoming an actual organ donor, however, I would argue that the message of becoming an actual organ donor is WAAAAAAYYYYYYYY more important than the message of giving your heart to a fictional, fairytale idiot of a “savior”.

Let’s look at some statistics:

  • Nearly 120,000 men, women and children currently need lifesaving organ transplants.
  • Every 10 minutes another name is added to the national organ transplant waiting list.
  • An average of 18 people die each day from the lack of available organs for transplant.
  • In 2012, there were 14,013 Organ Donors resulting in 28,052 organ transplants.
  • 90% of Americans say they support donation, but only 30% know the essential steps to take to be a donor

Only 30% know the essential steps to take to be a donor” This statistic is remarkable to me because, literally, it is as easy as checking a box on your application for a photo ID or Driver’s License! So, wouldn’t the correct Christian thing to do in this situation be not to use a “clever” play on words in hopes of catching some poor, lost soul’s attention, but rather to take the opportunity to help your fellow human race and educate them about the shit that really matters? I mean, correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t someone who is more alive be more effective in participating in your religion and tithing than a person that is… well… dead?

There is probably nothing on this Earth that pisses me off more than how the religious people in this world have such credibility, authority and such a HUGE platform to speak on with billions of blind followers and they abuse the opportunity to talk about things that really matter in this world. Instead, they brainwash, push ridiculous agendas and cover up crimes and misconduct, all in the name of god.

It’s absolutely disgusting.


  1. My favourite church sign: “The most powerful position is on your knees.” (First Baptist Church, Newark)

    On other matters, we just had the pleasure of the pope being here for a week. He commanded so much attention, so much media coverage, so many eager ears… and nothing was said that could be considered constructive. What a waste.

    1. It is so incredbly frustrating. There are so many religious leaders in positions of great power that could be doing good things with it, but instead merely waste it away on self-righteous, prophetic bull-shit.

      1. I file Tim Burton in this same pathetic list. Talented guy, could produce any original story he so desired, and what does he do? Re-makes classics which should never be touched. He should be shot for wasting such opportunities.

  2. You should drop off a note that reads: I see you are calling for organ donations. I noticed this in a local newspaper and thought you might be interested. Kind Regards
    “‘Catholic church needs new organ. Resident player, Miss Deidre Parsimonious thinks that Father O’Reily’s organ is “Too old and too small”. Yet it was perfect for a rousing rendition of, “Jesus wants me for a sunbeam.’.
    Please collect. Come at your convenience.

  3. Give your heart to Jesus is nothing but a symbolic. If you guys takes this literally,,,then, I would say, “think again”!

    1. I don’t think anyone would ever interpret this literally… Of course it is symbolic. No one could literally give their heart to Jesus for two reasons: 1. You would have to be alive to give someone anything and if your heart is detached from your body, well then that just would not be possible, and 2. The recipient of any gift would have to actually be real. How can you give your heart to something that does not exist? Either way, my point in this post was that the symbolism is stupid and it is a wasted opportunity to reach out to people about actually donating organs or utilizing church signage in a more positive, helpful way.

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